Sustainably feeding people, improving livelihoods, and protecting the environment are among the most significant challenges of our time. Making meaningful contributions to address these challenges requires systems-level thinking and an interdisciplinary, holistic approach.

Working in the fields - photo credit Allison Usavage

Photo Credit: Allison Usavage


Digital agriculture (DA) provides the conceptual and operational foundations to drive innovation and tackle challenges at scale – farm, region, nation, globe — and to integrate solutions and evaluate impact across the technical, social, economic, policy and environmental dimensions of agriculture.

Equitable, sustainable, and efficient solutions from an array of disciplines are needed to address these challenges in the coming decades.

Using drones to capture visual data above crops

Leading the way in creating a plentiful, safe, and sustainable food supply.

Cornell is the only Ivy League and Land-Grant university with a strong mission to educate and support agricultural communities. CIDA fulfills this mission in New York and the world through programs that create new knowledge and new practices.

The combined passions and talents of Cornell’s world-renowned researchers manifest in transformational knowledge and technologies, while our collaboration, education, and outreach activities nurture a new generation of leaders poised to help farmers increase their productivity and profitability while also protecting the environment.

Our Mission

To create a dynamic community of researchers, farmers, industry partners, and other stakeholders that inspires learning, catalyzes innovation, and integrates fundamental discoveries across the agricultural and life sciences, engineering, computing and information sciences, and social sciences to advance equitable, sustainable, and efficient agriculture and food systems.

Our Vision

To foster continuous discovery, innovation, and dialogue to create equitable, sustainable, and efficient agriculture and food systems while inspiring new frontiers in science, policy, and practice.

Improving fruit harvest with analytics

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