How do we feed 10 billion people by 2050?

The Cornell Institute for Digital Agriculture (CIDA) pursues a rigorous research agenda to support new ideas and innovative projects to provide holistic solutions to one of the world’s most imminent challenges.

Whether providing seed grants for cutting-edge research or supporting large-scale proposals and projects, CIDA is poised to be a leader in the future of transformative research as well as the education of the next generation of thinkers and practitioners to create more sustainable agri-food systems for today and our future world.


The Research Innovation Fund

The Research Innovation Fund (RIF) provides seed funding for collaborative research that seeks to advance digital agriculture through novel and cutting-edge projects. The RIF gives researchers the opportunity to work together across disciplines to develop and consider unique and creative solutions through an exchange of knowledge and expertise. Our seed funds are intended to provide a first step to fostering future collaborations that enable researchers to develop new research and compete for additional sources of funding.

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Research innovation fund

Photo Credit: Adam Stewart
Ithaca Farm. Ithaca New York. USA

Summer stipend opportunities from the Research Innovation Fund

Photo Credit: Adam Stewart
Ithaca Farm. Ithaca New York. USA

Student Summer Research Projects

The RIF Summer Student Projects program provides undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to pursue independent research with mentorship across the university. Students work closely with faculty mentors in at least two colleges with at least one mentor from outside of their area of study.

There are two categories of student funding available:

Summer stipend for a graduate student

  • $10,832 per student

    Graduate Student application
    Primary Faculty mentor application
    Secondary Faculty mentor application

Summer stipend for a undergraduate student

  • $7,832 per student

    Undergraduate Student application
    Primary Faculty mentor application
    Secondary Faculty mentor application

Letters of Support from CIDA

The Cornell Institute for Digital Agriculture (CIDA) provides support for a wide range of diverse projects and grant proposals. 

Global population growth is jeopardizing food security

Globally, most arable land is in production. The planet’s supplies of freshwater and energy are being challenged, and food security is being jeopardized by climate change, harvest loss, and food waste. The world is at a precarious point.

Now is the time to re-envision global agriculture, including food production, processing, and distribution; how natural resources are used and conserved; and the ways social and agricultural systems interact to support healthy individuals, communities, and the environment.

Cornell University, with outstanding faculty, staff, and students in agriculture and life sciences, computing and information sciences, engineering, veterinary medicine, food safety, and social sciences are exceptionally well positioned to advance the concepts and tools of digital agriculture. External organizations or individuals interested in engaging or partnering in DA research should contact [email protected].

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